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Trenchless & Coal Mine Application

Trenchless & Coal Mine Application

a. Downhole motor/Mud motor
b. Non-magnetic downhole motor/mud motor
c. No magnetic drill collar
d. No magnetic connector
Oil And Gas Well Drilling

Oil And Gas Well Drilling

a.  Downhole motor/Mud motor
b.  Non-magnetic downhole motor/mud motor
c.  Air downhole motor
d.  Uniform Wall Thickness Downhole motor
e.  All Kinds of Stabilizer
f.  Mechanical-Hydraulic Drilling Jar
Oil And Gas Exploration

Oil And Gas Exploration

a. Hydraulic Jet Fracturing technology and tools
b. The Coiled tubing with bottom seal fracturing technology and tools
c. Horizontal Well Open Hole Staged Fracturing technology and tools
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