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API 7-1 Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer for Oilfield

Main introduction

Drilling stabilizer is an essential part of full hole; pendulum and increase the stability decrease the incline in drilling assembly. The high quality tungsten carbide pin could be cold coated in the work surface and on the up and down beveled shoulder. We also could weld carbide particles in the surface according to customer requirements.

Several types of drilling stabilizers are used in the oilfield today. While integral stabilizers (fully machined out of a single piece of steel) tend to be the norm, other types can be used, such as : Replaceable sleeve stabilizer, where the blades are located on a sleeve, which is then screwed on the body. This type can be economical when no repair facilities are available close to the well being drilled and air freight has to be used.

 Stabilizer work with surface hardening and the hardening forms are HF1000, HF2000, HF3000, HF4000, HF5000 and HF6000.

Why choose Jingmei Stabilizer?

1. Product: integral near bit & string stabilizer
2. Raw material: AISI 4145H MOD or non magnetic steel
3. Types: Drill String type and Near bit type.
4. Packing: anti-rust package, steel shelf with plastic bags
5. Standard: API Spec 7-1
6. Delivery time: within 30 days

Competitive Advantages
1. We offer high quality products at competitive price.
2. Shortest delivery time.
3. Timely after-sale service.
4. Most of our equipment can be replaceable with international brands.
5. Our products have been exported to Russia, US, Australia, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries.

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