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Downhole motor used in trenchless project and HDD drilling

In recent years, due to the technical progress of drilling rig and the improvement of drilling mud, more and more downhole motor are used in the HDD drilling project.

Mud motor is the preferred drilling tool for directional drilling in complex bottom and hard rock bottom. The contractors use the mud motor in some challenging projects. It can provide a guarantee for the quality of the project. The main factors affecting the application of mud motor are the flow rate of mud pump and the hardness of rock.

Generally speaking the mud motor our diameter from 43 to 105mm. When HDD drilling it with the tungsten carbide bits or milling bits.

Dezhou Jingmei Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional downhole/mud motor manufacturing enterprise. The downhole/mud motor are used widely in the trenchless project and HDD drilling.

We have established a deep relationship with the trenchless companies and HDD drilling service in China.

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