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hydraulic fracturing tools china

Directional wells, horizontal wells 4 "~ 95/8" casing, screen, naked eye, sets of wells
Low fracture pressure reservoir
Shallow depth of less than 4000m
Technical indicators:
Nozzle life: continuous work more than 8h
Number of construction sections: 1 ~ 15
Single layer of sand: 15 ~ 50m3


About Bottom Sealing Drag Type Fracturing Tools

The bottom sealing drag type fracturing tools fracturing technology combines the characteristics of Coiled tubing technology, hydraulic jetting, fracturing technology and so on. It can achieve hydraulic jet perforation and fracturing together, without additional perforation. During the fracturing process, the target layer can be constructed using downhole tool to isolate the wellbore sections. The drilling tool can be multi-stage fracturing, reduce the number of drilling operations, shorten the operating cycle, and it can be adapted to different completion methods. Therefore, the Coiled tubing with bottom seal fracturing technology has become one of the most hot reservoir stimulation technology in the oilfiled.

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