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1. Product Sales
Normal product sales
2. Tool Repair
The company provides all the tools and accessories for product maintenance.
The company can receive product maintenance orders, at the same time, in some countries and regions, our company can help customers arrange the maintenance of the workshop to complete the maintenance of the product.
3. Tool Rental & Service
We provide rental  and related technical services for our products throughout China.
At present in Russia / Uzbekistan / Ukraine and other countries have partners or agents, can provide the company's product rental and related technical services.
At the same time, we would like to discuss the sales /rental & service / repair cooperation of the products with potential partners in each country or region.
4. Design And Manufacture
The company has a complete production conditions, drilling tools, fracturing tools and other precision instruments have a wealth of production experience. Depending on the customer's actual construction requirements, special purpose tools or tool sets can be designed, or non-standardized tools can be produced based on customer-supplied design.
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