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Ground inspection before drilling tools go down the well

Except for the connection between the lifting short section of the drilling tool and the bypass valve, the other parts of the shell are coated with anaerobic glue.
To install the drill bit with a drill bit loader, only the drive shaft head of the drill tool is allowed to be rotated with chain pliers, and it can only be rotated counterclockwise to prevent the internal thread from loosening.
Lift the lifting short section, put the drilling tool into the turntable kava, so that the bypass valve is located on the turntable, install the safety kava, and remove the lifting short section.
Check the flexibility of the bypass valve: Press down the spool with a wooden rod, and then release it. The spool returns to normal under the action of spring force. Press down repeatedly 3-5 times. The spool has no stuck resistance and flexible movement. Then lower the drilling tool bypass hole below the turntable to open the pump, the bypass hole is closed, the motor starts, and the drive joint rotates; after stopping the pump, the spool is reset, and the mud spills out from the bypass valve hole, and the drilling tool is normal.
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