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Hydraulic Jet Fracturing Parts---Straddle Packer

In this section we will introduce another fracturing tool for you. We call it Straddle Packer .
Dezhou JIngmei Petroleum machinery co., ltd researched the new model straddle packer which be used in the hydraulic fracturing working.
As one of few suppler in China ,we can provide the hydraulic fracturing tools and technology service. Our product had been accepted by most petroleum company in China.. The straddle packer had been used in Songyuan oil production plant which is a branch of CNPC.
Our Product Features
1. Special rubber tube structure, reliable sealing performance
2. Low differential grappled setting, automatic unlashed and unsetting after pressure relief.
3. Alloy slip insert, firm grappled, suitable for various kinds of steel grade casing.
4. With special function of sand control to prevent sand plugging may accrued during fracturing

Technical Specification

It is a good choice for oil well stimulation.

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