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Hydraulic Release Tool Manufacturers China

Hydraulic Mechanism:

The tool operates using hydraulic pressure to trigger the release mechanism. Hydraulic fluid is used to transmit force and activate the release function.
Release Mechanism:

The hydraulic system is designed to disengage or release the tool on command. This is crucial in downhole operations where tools need to be deployed, retrieved, or replaced.
Wireline Compatibility:

Typically designed to be compatible with wireline operations, the HRT is attached to the end of the wireline and can be controlled remotely from the surface.
Remote Operation:

The tool can be operated remotely, allowing for precise control from the surface. This is essential for safety and efficiency in wellbore interventions.

Hydraulic Release Tools are versatile and can be adapted for various downhole applications, such as setting or retrieving tools, collecting data, or performing maintenance tasks.
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