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Mud Motor Drilling Manufacturers

Dezhou Jingmei Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Mud Motor Drilling Manufacturers in China.

The advantages of Mud Motor Drilling:

1. Attrition of drilling pipe is declined obviously for downhole screw motors running torque is only to drive bit while the drilling is not rotating;
2.Compact structure and running smoothly;
3.High output pressures;
4.Out torque and pressure difference is nearly liner relationship within a certain range when the power liquid flows into the screw motor;
5.Longer service life of the wearing parts and steady performance, good intensity and rigidity;
6.Provide great delivery volume and improve speed of uphole velocity and carrying capability for rotor is hollow;
7. Suitable for all kinds of bits.

Use Requirements:
1.Drilling fluid requirements: screw drilling for all kinds of mud can work effectively, including oil-based mud, emulsified mud and clay mud, and even water, etc.
2.The mud pressure requirements: when the drill is suspended, the displacement is the same, then the mud pressure through the drilling tool is also the same, with the drill bit contact bottom hole pressure increases, the mud circulation pressure increases.

 Mud Motor Drilling


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