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Requirements for drilling fluid

Requirements for drilling fluid: The motor of the screw drilling tool is positive displacement, and the factor that determines the performance of the drilling tool is the input flow of the motor and the pressure drop acting on both ends, not the type of drilling fluid.The physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid generally do not affect the performance of the drilling tool except for the life of the drilling tool.However, the various hard particles contained in the drilling fluid must be restricted, because it will accelerate the wear of bearings and stator motors, and reduce the service life of drilling tools.Therefore, the sand content in the mud must be controlled below 0.5%.
The viscosity and specific gravity of the mud have little effect on the drilling tool, but it has a direct impact on the pressure of the entire system. If the pressure under the recommended displacement is greater than the rated pump pressure value, the mud displacement must be reduced, or it is necessary to reduce the pressure drop through the drilling tool and drill bit.Each type of drilling tool has its own input flow range. Only within this range can the drilling tool have higher efficiency. Generally, the middle of the input flow range should be taken as the best input flow value.

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