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Working Principle And Structure of Downhole Motor

Working Principle of Downhole Motor

The downhole motor is a kind of device that converts the pressure energy of liquid into mechanical energy.When the high-pressure fluid enters the drill, the rotor is forced to roll in the stator. The torque and speed generated by the motor are transmitted through the universal shaft to the drive shaft and the bit, achieving the purpose of drilling.

As a bottomhole dynamic drilling tool, the downhole motor has many outstanding features:

1. Increased bit torque and power resulting in improved footage rate.
2. Reduced wear and damage of drill pipe and casing.
3. Can accurately carry out orientation,whipstock and correction.
4. In Wells, cluster Wells and workover operations, drilling economic benefits can be significantly improved.
5. Because of the advanced structure, the life of the drilling tool is improved, and it can be used for deep extension drilling or vertical drilling.

The Structure of The Downhole Motor

The screw drill is mainly composed of the following parts:

  • By-pass valve 
  • Power section assembly
  • Cardan shaft assembly
  • Drive shaft assembly
  • Safety anti-drop device
  • Guide assembly

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Description of downhole motor structure

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