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Changeable Stabilizer supplier

Are you looking for good quality Changeable Stabilizer ?Dezhou Jingmei Petroleum Machinery company can provide with you it.

The stabilizer is one of the most basic guides for well bore-guided downhole drilling. In the drilling of inclined wells and horizontal wells, due to the process requirements of the stabilizer diameter and drill bit size equal to or small 1 to 2 mm, the stabilizer and the shaft spacing is too small, so the drill string in the process, the stabilizer easy to encounter Resistance to birth card accident. The changeable stabilizer solves the shortcomings of other stabilizers in the drilling process.

Changeable Stabilizer
Changeable Stabilizer of the variable stabilizer can be reduced by the ground control, the stabilizer by changing the open pump and drilling the rotation of the order of rotation, so that the stabilizer in a different working condition, to achieve different diameter using different diameter stability Purpose of the device. At the same time, in the drilling operation, the stabilizer is in a contracted state. The device has a simple structure and improves drilling rigidity.

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