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Mud Motor Drilling Manufacturers

Mud Motor Drilling is a drilling power unit for drilling rig in mud environment.
It is a part of PDM drill. PDM dril tool is a kind of volumetric downhole power drilling tool, which takes drilling fluid as power and transforms liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy. When mud pump mud flows through the bypass valve into the mud motor, a certain pressure difference in motor inlet and outlet, promote the axis of rotation of the rotor about the stator, and the rotational speed and torque to drill through the cardan shaft and drive shaft, so as to realize the drilling operation.
The motor consists of a stator and a rotor. The stator is injected with rubber bushing on the inner wall of the steel pipe, and the inner hole is a screw with a certain geometric parameter; the rotor is a screw with a hard layer. The rotor and the stator are mutually engaged, and the spiral seal cavity is formed by the difference of the lead between them, so as to complete the energy conversion. The helix of the motor rotor has a single head and a long head. The less the number of rotors, the higher the speed, the smaller the torque; the more the number of head, the lower the speed, the greater the torque.

mud motor drilling manufacturers


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