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Downhole Tools manufacturers

Our Downhole Tools are widely used in oil field and mine directional well and horizontal well, cluster Wells and vertical Wells, drilling, deflecting, adjusting azimuth, coring, reaming, side tracking and workover treatment, and also applied in some special operations as compound drilling and traversing, etc.

downhole tools

Surface Treatment: Polishing
Material: Stainless Steel
Transport Package: Sdandard Packing for Downhole Motor
Manufacturing Process: Casting
Operation Pressure: Atmospheric Pressure
Size: Middle
Application: Well Drilling
Color: Blue etc..
Origin: China
1. Adjustable Bend Housing
2.Better hole deviation control.
3.Reduction in drill string failure rate.
4.Reduction in wear and tear of the swivel, Kelly, and rotary drives.
5.Reduction in fuel cost, since compared to rotary drilling, less energy is required to power a downhole motor.
6. New Drive Seal Universal Shaft
7. Uniform Wall Thickness Downhole motor
8. High-temperature Motor
9. Rotor Surface
10. Changeable Stabilizer

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