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Hydraulic Jet Fracturing China

Hydraulic Jet Fracturing tools are mainly consist of sand jetting perforator, packer,checkvalve, sieve tube, guide shoe, crossover sub and so on.It is a set of perforation, fracturing, isolation and integration of the production measures, special jet tool to produce high-speed fluid through the casing, rock, the formation of holes, the bottom of the hole fluid pressure increases, super-fracture pressure crack.
Directional wells, horizontal wells 4 "~ 95/8" casing, screen, naked eye, sets of wells
Low fracture pressure reservoir
Shallow depth of less than 4000m
Technical indicators:
Nozzle life: continuous work more than 8h
Number of construction sections: 1 ~ 15

Single layer of sand: 15 ~ 50m3

Hydraulic Jet Fracturing

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