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china downhole motor mud motor manufacturers

Dezhou Jingmei Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is a one of the most famous China downhole motor mud motor manufacturers.Downhole mud motor is a drilling tool which takes mud as motivation.  It transforms the pressure of fluid to mechanical energy in the well. It consists of Drive shaft assembly, Motor assembly, Cardan shaft assembly, Anti-out assembly and bypass valve assembly of five parts. Mud pump output mud flows through the bypass valve into the motor, and export a certain pressure to promote the rotation of the rotor, the torque and speed transmitted to the drill bit through the cardan shaft and drive shaft.

Downhole mud motor is widely used in construction operations in the oil fields, geology, coal, salt water wells and other industries.


1.Bend angle adjustable type We equip the motors with adjustable bend housing in different types and sizes, and through which before dropping we can adjust the bend angle.
2. High flow rate type The adoption of hollow rotor and different sizes of hard alloy jet nozzle to increase the incoming flow and bit power.
3.Saturated saltwater mud resistance type The special coating on the rotor with strong ability of anti-corrosion and wear-resistance enables the motor to work stably for a long time in the condition of saturated saltwater mud.
4. Impact Resistance Type We adopt a series of shock absorbers to lighten or eliminate bit jumping and impact shock occurring in drilling, protect the drilling tools avoiding damage, increase service life and ensure the drilling safe and efficien.
5. High temperature resistance type The motor stator is made of superior quality high temperature resistant rubber, which enables the motor to perform stably in the well.

6.Heat-resistant Power Section.

downhole mud motor manufacturers

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