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Adjustable Bend downhole motor for sale

Dezhou Jingmei Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a adjustable bend downhole motor manufacturer which located at the north end of Shuangfu Avenue at Dezhou Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province, enjoying favorable geographical location and convenient transportation.
Our downhole motors enjoy high prestige in the Industry insiders.
Downhole motor is a kind of drilling tools developed for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through power section which is made up of a stator and a rotor.
Downhole motor is widely used in construction operations in the oil fields, geology, coal, salt water wells and other industries. 
Detail Features & Advantages
1. Adjustable Bend Housing
2. New Drive Seal Universal Shaft
3. Uniform Wall Thickness Downhole motor
4. High-temperature Motor
5. Rotor Surface
6. Changeable Stabilizer
The company's leading products include downhole motors(mud motor&PDM), drilling tools,fishing tools and Hydraulic Fracturing Tools.If you want to know more about our products,please contact us!Adjustable Bend downhole motor for sale


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